Agrolord. The most complete line of
plastic films for agricultural use in Brazil.
Agrolord Ultra Clear

Thicknesses of 30, 50, 75, 100, 120 and 150 micron

Agrolord® Milky

Thicknesses of 75 and 100 micron (Agrolord® - Milky Strawberry) and Thicknesses of 100, 120 and 150 micron (Agrolord®- Milky Greenhouse)

Agrolord® Darkening

Thickness of 120 micron

Agrolord® Diffuser

Thicknesses of 75,100,120 and 150 micron

Agrolord® Anti-virus Diffuser

Thicknesses of 100,120 and 150 micron.

Agrolord® High Protection

Greater resistance and durability of the covering films.

Agrolord® Premium

Black film and Double sided film

Agrolord® Ecolon

(Português do Brasil) Agrolord® AgroGeo

(Português do Brasil) A nova geomembrana de PEAD da Agrolord

Agrolord® Acqua

Film with thickness of 250 micron

Agrolord® AgroTube

Silo Bag for grains storage

Agrolord® TNT

Non woven fabric for open field

Agrolord® Slab

Culture bag for substrate

Agrolord® Green Wrap

Stretch film for hay silage